Powers and Abilities




First Appearance

Season 2

Digit is the Pixie of Nanotechnology. She is Tecna's appointed pixie. She is extremely immaculate, logical, precise, mathematical and shows little emotion. She is an obvious match for Tecna and the two of them have an extremely close relationship. They are perfect for challenging each others' minds (and videogame skills), discussing similar interests and speaking in their technical manner.

Personality Profile

Winx Club

Digit is a very by-the-book, machine-like pixie, not unlike her bonded fairy. She is very into video games, and works the controls with her feet. She has a slighty tanned skin tone and blue eyes.


Winx Club

Digit is very futuristic looking, with a light blue/dark blue jumpsuit and blue mullet-like hair with a light blue streak down the middle. Her wings are blue with yellow outline.


  • She is the only Pixie who is almost exactly like her bonded fairy.
  • Digit can get inside gadgets. Such as getting in a game at Tecna's computer.
  • She is the only pixie not to have 'girl lips'.
  • In Season 3 episode 20, she grew to the size of a giant.
  • In the same Episode she replaces as the lead of the bonded pixies while Zing is the lead of the unbonded ones.

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