Earth Fairies


Appear In

Season 4


Earth/Tir Nan Og


Morgana (former), Nebula (current)

The fairies of earth, a group which debuted in Season 4.


The Earth Fairies are fairies that come from Earth, and its guardians in ancient times. The capital where all earth fairies submit and acknowdlege rule is Tir Nan Og where the ruler of the Earth fairies reside. In ancient times, they lived in harmony with the humans, with Fairy and Human kingdoms coexisting (or possibly the Fairy Realms including Human Kingdoms under their protection within them), and the Fairies protecting the Nature (and sometimes humans) and spreading its energy throughout the planet.

Long ago a group of wizards, known as the Wizards of the Black Circle, developed a way to resist fairy magic and stole the magic of the Earth Fairies by stealing their wings and sealing them away in their own kingdom. Centuries later they were freed from their imprisonment by the Winx and Roxy and began a campaign for revenge against humanity (much to the disapproval of the Winx). After days of conflict, the Winx convinced the Fairies of Earth not to seek revenge and peace returned to earth. What happened afterward is unknown, but it is presumed that they are working to fully restore Earth's belief in magic and are doing their best to make the world a better place to live by spreading their positive magic and the powers of nature throughout it.

Known Fairies

  • Morgana - Queen (formerly) also fairy of nature

    Warrior Fairy from Tir Nan Og with fairy weapon

  • Roxy - Princess (by title), Fairy of Animals
  • Nebula - Major Fairy of Peace (formerly), Major Fairy of War (formerly), Queen (currently)
  • Diana - Major Fairy of Nature
  • Sibylla - Major Fairy of Justice
  • Aurora - Major Fairy of The North

Groups of Fairies

Rustic Fairies

Amazon Fairies

Arctic Fairies

Royal Guard Fairies

Warrior Fairies

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