Gifts of Destiny are special powers that are given to the Winx to help them evolve their Believix powers to an even higher level so that they may face the Major Fairies of Earth because, as Miss Faragonda told them, even Believix powers are ineffective against a Major Fairy and her powers. There are three Ether Fairies and each one of them gave the Winx a specific Gift.


  • The first gift was given by the Blue Fairy, it was the Gift of Wisdom and gave the Winx Club the Sophiex transformation. The Sophiex transformation allowed them to become one with nature, this helped when they went to try and persuade Diana, the Major Fairy of Nature, to give up her vengance against the humans.
Gift one

  • The second gift was given by the Green Fairy, it was the Gift of Courage and gave the Winx Club the Lovix transformation in order to face Aurora, the Major Fairy of the North.
Gift two

  • The third and last gift was given by the Orange Fairy, it was the Gift of Darkness and gave the Winx Club the power to revive a dead person, although it could only be used once. The Winx Club wanted to use this power to revive Nabu after he sacrificed himself to close the Dark Abyss and save the Earth Fairies, however, Ogron snatched it and wasted the power on a limp flower.
Gift three

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