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Kiko is Bloom's pet rabbit. His fur is a blue color and he is shown to be smarter than most rabbits. Kiko is suspected to have some sort of magical power, because early in season 1, he passes through a barrier that only allows magical creatures. This is confirmed in the season finale when he is shown flying to get himself and Icy's pet duck to safety.He is also seen in the the secret of the lost kingdom,where a little girl in the flower store saw him floating.He is shown flying again in the episode 1 of season 2, while carrying Bloom's headband. In the last episode of the second season Kiko gains wings and becomes a pixie-animal, even if he is never seen like that again in the series or in the movies.


Kiko is a small rabbit. His fur is a blue color and white, he has a white fringe. He is shown to be smarter than most rabbits.


Bloom's pet Kiko

Season 1

His first appearance was in Season 1's first episode, with his owner (Bloom). Kiko was who that warned Bloom about the fight of Stella against to Knut the Ogre. He went along with Stella and Bloom to Magix, since then he has been there (Magix) all season.

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