Linphea (RAI version) or the Fifth Moon of Marigold (4Kids version) is Flora's home world. Originally in the RAI dub, it has always been called Linphea.

It is possible to still call this world both the Fifth Moon of Marigold and Linphea in the 4kids continuity since it is considered a moon. The 4kids name is not a proper name but just a numbered moon just as Ganymede is the seventh moon of Jupiter. Trees are big enough to hold cities in them. There are also huge magical leaves big enough to carry a dozen people that fly across the forests like public buses.


From what is seen, the people of Linphea are very connected with nature and they live high up in the trees. They seem to also have a lack of acrophobia as they live up so high as displayed by Flora who skips across a thin shaky woven bridge of vines and flowers (no side bars either) with the ease of a child unlike the rest of the Winx Club.


There are human-sized insects that are used as public transit.


  • Linphea is a variation of the Italian word "Linfa", which means "Plant Sap".

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