Voiced By

Lisa Ortiz (4kids)

Age at first appearance



Gardenia, Earth

First Appearance

It Feels Like Magic (4kids version) A Fairy In Gardenia (Italian version)

Mitzi was and is a school rival to Bloom in Gardenia. She spent the majority of her life trying to be the most popular girl at Gardenia, often annoying others and boasting. Mitzi comes from a rich family and expects to get everything that she wants. In Season 2, she returns to invite Bloom to a Halloween Party to prank her and the Winx Club.

Mitzi had more appearances in Season 4 however. She attempted to seduce Brandon after he saved her from a car accident, gaining Stella as a rival in the process. When she and her two friends (or lackeys) Sally (long hair), and Darma (short hair), were offered the oppurtunity to become Dark Fairies by the Wizards of the Black Circle. Mitzi wanted to destroy not just Stella, but Bloom as well. All three were defeated.


"I'm a goth supermodel from the future." Mitzi was once seen in her Halloween costume. She was seen wearing dark blue and green bikini in season 4.

She was also seen in a Dark Winx Fairy form.


In Dark Winx form


In normal form with Darma & Sally


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