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Giving Sweet Dreams



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Season 2

Piff is the baby Pixie of Sweet Sleep. She is bonded to Layla and often helps her with her troubling nightmares. Piff is nearly always with Layla, because Layla was often plagued by bad dreams as well as being only a baby. She can't talk, so she speaks in baby language, which makes her a little vulnerable. Piff, as a baby, doesn't speak a language we understand; she speaks in baby talk that is translated by Digit or Chatta. She also couldn't fly when she was first found along with the other pixies so Layla/Aisha had to carry her. Over time, Piff learns how to fly and learns how to say three words: Bye, Layla, and Cocoa. Piff is still just a baby, and is almost always sleeping.


Winx Club

Piff, like Layla, is dark-skinned, with soft light green eyes. She is dressed in a pair of cream-colored striped pajama pants with red piping. Her little tank top is rose pink with cream spots. On her head she wears a darker rose pink puffy nightcap with dark cream spots, a light cream headband and trimming, and a dark maroon ribbon tying it down (in the show, there are no large spots and the whole outfit is simplified). Since she sleeps so much, she doesn't wear any shoes. Her little wings are bright pink and she has no lower wings. Piff's main power, as stated previously, is the Sweet Sleep: everytime she sleeps while landed on a person's head, the person instantly falls asleep and has all his/her nightmares shifted into sweet dreams.

Powers and Abilities


Piff using her powers on Layla to prevent her from having nightmares.

Winx Club

Season 2

During Layla's first attempt to rescue the pixies, Piff was the only one she managed to save. Piff stayed behind at Alfea while Layla, Bloom and Stella went back to rescue the rest of the pixies. Piff used her power once when she saw Layla was having a nightmare; she used her magic to intercept and end Layla's dream, thus calming her down. At the end of Season 2, she is tired and Chatta gives her coffee to keep her awake.

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