Red Fountain School for Heroics and Bravery (also known as Red Fountain in 4kids dub) is a topnotch presumably paramilitary boarding school run by Headmaster Saladin, ironically the only member of Red Fountain to display and use magical abilities and not any physical abilities.


Red Fountain prior to its destruction in season one.

It is located across Lake Roccaluce from both Cloud Tower and Alfea.

The original Red Fountain was destroyed by the Trix in Season 1, and replaced by a high-tech building in Season 2. Red Fountain also has a sizeable hangar full of aircraft and a stable of dragons. The top part of the new school is an open air stadium.

Students wear a mandatory uniform, consisting of a blue and yellow body suit and a cape. The cape attaches to a round jewel worn on the left breast. If the jewel has any function besides decoration, it has not been shown.


Redfountian 2

The new Red Fountain.

Red Fountain trains young men to fight using normal and magical methods to one day serve their own home world's military. Students are both trained with classical weapons like swords and maces and modern weapons like guns. The school has a diverse array of classes from basic survival and dragonwrangling, to close quarter combat and even flying fightercrafts.

The school is charged with the defense of the Realm of Magix.

The school has also been noted to teach magic, but no student has ever displayed magic (this does not include Nabu who is not a student).

The choice of weapons are usually dependent on preference, but mainly consist of swords. Students also have a choice of what sword they use. They have a choice of broadswords, longwords, rapiers, and scimitars (although they are probably more not seen in the series). Bows with glowing arrows were used in the defense of Alfea against the Army of Decay.

Other devices include a short-range teleporter and a levitating, shield-shaped machine used for quick travel.

Helia has been shown to use a type of glove that launches strings that he can use to entangle his opponents.

Timmy uses a pistol that fires various kinds of projectiles.


Known Students

Season 1

The Trix destroyed it when they attacked Red Fountain.

Season 2

The school has been rebuild, and it seems to be floating in the air. The Trix steals the codex from the school.

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