185px-Winx-4-21-02461809-45-22 The Rustic Fairies are the Warrior Fairy followers of Sybilla. They resemble a combination of fairies and fauns/satyrs in one being and are very strong. The Rustic Fairies can break rocks with their hooves. When the Winx Club came seeking the help of Sybilla they spotted the Rustic Fairies dancing and thought the Fairies cute but the Rustic Fairies ran from the Winx Club only to attack them by causing a rock avalanche. Soon eneough the Winx Club gained the trust of rustic Fairies when they saw that Sybilla granted them her protection. 185px-Winx-4-22-02019009-35-21 185px-Winx-4-24-01388609-13-50

When the Wizards of the Black Circle came seeking sanctuary under Sybilla and help for their ailing comrade Duman the Rustic fairies were reluctant to asist the Winx Club and the Wizards but followed Sybilla's orders none the less and at the end of the battle with the Wizrads of the Black Circle and the Earth Fairies they also decided to help restore the missing fairy magic to the earth. 185px-Winx-4-21-02472009-45-28


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