Powers and Abilities

Good manner



First Appearance

Back to School(4kids); The Shadow Phoenix(RAI Eng)

Tune is Musa's pixie, and the Pixie of Etiquette, or good manners. She and Musa often bug each other, as they have such contrasting personalities. Tune believes in being lady-like, a stark contrast to her bonded fairy, Musa, who is famous for her outgoing and tomboyish behavior. In spite of Tune's nagging and correcting, Tune and Musa make the perfect pair, each lessening each others' extremes.Tune is princess of the pixies.

Personality Profile

Tune is polite, even when she is yelling at others. She is neat, orderly, prim, proper, and old-fashioned.


Winx Club

She has pale purple hair in curls and a Victorian-style outfit in purple, white, and blue with a blue bow in her hair. She has pink make-up that makes sharp points above her eyes, a fair skin tone (recalling the Victorian fashion popular among aristocrats of applying powder to their faces to whiten it), and violet eyes. Her wings are purple with a purple glow.

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