Tir Nan nog

Warrior Fairies

The Warrior Fairies are the strongest Earth Fairies who live on Tir Nan Og. Warrior Fairy is a title given to the Earth Fairies (or a fairy) when they side with Nebula the Major Fairy of War.

When the Wizards of the Black Circle captured them they were trapped on Tir Nan Og, waiting for the day when they would be free, to exact their vengeance on their captors as well as the inhabitants of Earth who weakened them by not believing in them and whose actions, like wars, intolerance deforestation and pollution, were destroying the world they once protected.

They weild Warrior Fairy Staffs to channel their Winx and serve under Morgana and then Nebula as her warriors in their vendetta. Now after the Winx Club restored magic to the Earth they help to restore peace to the planet with the other Earth Fairies under Queen Nebula.

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